The Links to Learning Community Grants Program is administered by the NSW Department of Education. The Department provides funding to approved, not-for-profit, community based organisations and local government authorities to deliver targeted Links to Learning projects to:

  • Students in Years 7 to 11 in government schools who are identified as at risk of disengaging from their learning and/or at risk of leaving school early. Projects are run collaboratively with NSW Department of Education secondary and central schools to actively strengthen retention and transition strategies in schools.
  • Students in Year 6 in government primary schools who are identified as at risk of disengaging or are disengaged from their learning, with a focus on transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

In 2016, the BEN has been successful in acquisition of funding to deliver multiple streams of the Links to Learning programme. More information on these programmes will be available early 2017 however, our programmes aim to reconnect young people who are struggling to remain engaged in education in years 8-11 back into education and learning.

Some of the key elements of our programme focus on developing fundamental skills such as self esteem, communication, working as a team and confidence.

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